Oceans of Noise - EP

The first single "The Age of Ghouls" of our EP is out on Apple Music

Ayla: The Daughter of War

Soundtrack from the motion picture "Ayla"


Born out of the desire to think, create and play without boundaries or limitations, Oceans of Noise unifies the excitement of amateur musicianship with the experience, matureness and serenity of established artists.

Oceans of Noise was formed in 2015 around the talents of singer Sertab Erener, guitarist Emre Kula, bassist Eser Unsalan, keyboardist Ozan Yilmaz and drummer Alpar Lu.

Being at the high point of their individual careers and friends in private and professional life, the members started to get together in the studio to play their favorite cover songs for fun. Eventually, at the suggestion of guitarist Emre Kula, the band started to create their own original songs as a group.

Drawing their strength from the intuitive impulse that brought them together, Oceans of Noise make passionate rock music that balances melodic intensity with blustering energy alongside their soprano singer’s emotive vocals.

Oceans of Noise’s debut self-titled EP was produced by 4x Grammy and 1x Latin Grammy nominated producer, engineer and musician Joel Hamilton at Studio G in Brooklyn, New York.

Production of the first EP finished in Summer 2017 and only a few weeks later, the band returned to the studio with Joel Hamilton to produce their new single “Finding White in Black”, which is featured on the soundtrack for the motion picture “Ayla - The Daughter of War”.


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